USA Fashion

USA Fashion:

USA is Rich in Land, population and natural resources. USA highly developed technologically. The People of USA (Fashion) high Standard of  living and they lead the Nations of the World South. In some case mostly people said when USA (Fashion) people leave the Fashion then Asia people and Asia country adopt the Fashion. The USA Fashion is one of the most  leading county in the industry of fashion design, along with Japan, France, Italy, Germany & United Kingdom. Fashion change with the passage of time and some countries fallow national dresses like India, but now a modern day people fallow fashion trend such as Jeans, Shirt etc.
United State Of America USA the Indigenous Population consists of Indians and migrants from Britain, Germany and Central and South America Besides the descendants of slaves imported from Africa during Colonial and Post -Colonial years. Some USA Countries are Wear his Own Fashion Trend Dresses. USA and some other Countries Women are very Bold, Liberal and broad minded. They wear only Brazier and Underwear. When they went Beach side they are Bare and wear very Shortly Brazer and Underwear. On the other side Men wear only short underwear.

USA Fashion

USA Fashion Industry:

Major companies include in Fashion Industry of USA:
The Brands of product, importers of the product and item, and wholesalers of product textiles and apparel. New York Fashion Week is one of the most important fashion weeks in the world  & which is highly influence in the world fashion industry.

USA & Fashion History:

United States of America commonly known as the United States or America is a country of 50 states. The USA is the fourth world largest country by area. USA capital is Washington DC. New York is largest country of USA by Population. USA is national language is English while official language none at federal level. Different religious people lived in USA such as Christian (73.7%), Unaffiliated (18.2%), Jewish (2.1%), Muslim (0.8%), other (2.5%) & Unknown (2.6%).
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